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Saturday, February 23, 2019
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Prairie Land Food


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Prairie Land Food packages & Specials
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Due to market conditions and to maintain quality items are subject to change
All receipts for orders placed "with your personal on line shopper" have been emailed, please check to make sure you have received your email receipt. The receipt will have been emailed from, in the subject line it will read "Prairie Land Food Email Receipt ... YOUR NAME". The receipt will include your order, date, time, location, address where you will pick up your order. It will also include a place to record volunteer hours, please turn in the completed receipt when you pick up your order during the date, time, location specified. 

June Glasgow

Prairie Land Food
What is the definition of Volunteer service?
Something done out of the goodness of your heart by you or any member of your family (Individually or collectively)
to help an individual, church, community organization, etc., that you are not paid for:
·    Call to check on a friend or neighbor
·    Carpool with a co-worker
·    Offer a ride to a friend
·    Volunteer Fire Department
·    Tell others about Prairie Land Food
·    Member of your kids PTA
·    Help at school functions
·    Bring a meal to a friend or neighbor
·    Care Giver
·    Sunday school teacher
·    Church day care helper
·    Help where needed at your Prairie Land Food site
·    Pray for someone
·    Hunter Education
·    Mow a neighbors lawn
·    House sit for a neighbor or friend
·    Pet sit for a neighbor or friend
·    Help someone move
·    Soccer coach
·    Kids sport coach or assistant
·    Takes several kids to sports practice
·    Be a "Soccer Mom" or other sport
·    Bake cookies for a child's class or for a school function
·    Volunteer a the local library
·    Help with Little League
·    Read to an elderly person
·    Do handy work for needy or elderly
·    Sing in the church choir
·    Volunteer and any community organization
·    Paint out graffiti
·    Pick up litter at a local park
·    Volunteer at the Zoo, animal shelters, etc.
·    Baby Sit Grandkids
·    Buy a package for someone else, we call that a “Love Gift.”
 (This in itself qualifies as 2 hours of volunteer service)
·         Include information on your Facebook, etc.