First United Methodist Church of Osage City, Kansas
Saturday, February 23, 2019
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The First Methodist Church was organized in 1876. In September 1870 the Rev. D. K. Hardin preached the first Methodist service in Osage City, Kansas, in a room on the second floor of a building located on Market Street. After this he held services once a month in a little frame school house that stood in the western part of Osage City on Market Street. They paid him $40 a month for his pastoral work.
In March 4, 1871, I. K. Hunsicker, John Stokesbury, E. Mills, M. S. Brown and Dr. Mossman were elected trustees. Rev. O. H. Call was appointed pastor of the Lyndon and Osage City charge in 1871. He was appointed to preach also at Richview, Melvern, Plymouth, and Bean Schoolhouse, all in the Emporia District. In March, 1872, O. H. Call was returned as pastor and meetings were conducted in the West School to January 1873 when they started to meet in the Presbyterian Church. This was through kindness of the Presbyterian people. Then in 1874 Mr. I. H. Hunsicker built a frame building where the present building now stands, and let the congregation use it. The services were held there for about a year and the sum of rent charged was $80 per year, and they could not pay all the rent. So the Methodist in turn sub-rented the building for a school and with that money paid the rent. In 1876, the Presbyterians again let the Methodist people worship in their building. This same year the first Sunday School was organized with five officers and six teachers. Before this there was a Union Sunday School held for several faiths.
In 1878 the group bought a parsonage on Ellinwood Street and in 1880, being willed the lots on the northwest corner of Lord and Sixth Streets, a building of brick was erected and dedicated at a cost of $5,975.54. The building committee had been elected in 1878. They were: Dr. W. L. Scheck, S. L. Meyers, G. V. Jones, J. B. Day and added, August 6th, Robert J. Hill.
In 1873 Rev Wm. Friand was appointed pastor, and Rev. I. Boyenton was the presiding Elder. Osage City was the changed to the Lawrence District. They had at this time 45 members. Rev. W. A. Boucher was appointed pastor in 1883 and in March 1885 Rev. J. C. Kirkman was appointed. The latter part of that year E. T. Holland was appointed here as a supply pastor, this being on the account of ill health of Rev. J. C. Kirkman. In 1876 the Rev. O. H. Call was appointed pastor and the Rev. W. R. Davis was presiding Elder. This year the church was transferred to the Topeka District. In March 1878 Rev L. C. Riggs was appointed pastor. 1881 Rev. S. G. Griffs was pastor. In 1884 the Rev. W. A. Crawford was pastor until he was appointed Chaplain of the Kansas Penitentiary at Leavenworth. The Rev. N. D. Palyford of Indiana was sent as supply pastor. Rev. O. J. Cowels was the presiding Elder. In 1886 the Rev. W. A. Quayle was appointed pastor (he later was at Baker University at Baldwin, Kansas. He helped to collect the famous Quayle Bible Collection). And the Rev. S. E. Pendelton was presiding Elder. In 1888 Rev. W. R. Davis was appointed pastor and was followed by Rev. H. Richie to fill the rest of the year. 1889 a Rev. E. M. Randall was appointed pastor. In 1892 Rev. J. G. Henderson was appointed pastor and Rev. L. K. Billingsby was Bishop. In 1894 Rev. J. T. Mayor was appointed pastor, and Rev. J. R. Radison was Bishop. 1899 Rev G. W. Braden was pastor, and he was followed in 1901 by E. H. Parkinson, Rev. Da. Schutt in 1902, Rev. H. H. Weynant 1905, Rev. O. K. Hobson 1916. It was in 1915, May 16th, that they started to worship in the school auditorium while the old building was torn down, and the present main part was being built, which was dedicated June 10, 1917. Bishop William O. Sheppard dedicating it. This building cost $25,000.
Rev. C. C. Clampert was appointed pastor followed by Rev. L. Frank Waring in 1918, in 1921 Rev. Townsend A. Nichold was appointed paster, and Rev. E. C. Dunn in 1924. In 1927 Rev. John W. Scott was pastor, Rev. A. H. Tebbin came in 1929 (he was instrumental in the organizing of the Boy Scouts here).
Rev. O. W. Zedlier came in 1932. Rev. Drew R. Hammond in 1936, Rev Earl O. Harbour in 1938, in 1943 Rev. Walter R. Clover, the Rev. Arthur L. Hardy was appointed in 1946. This was the year the new Hammond Electric Organ was dedicated. In 1943 the Rev. Earl O. Harbour gave the lighted cross to the church as a farewell gift. The Pulpit Bible was given in memory of Edwin V. Klingbert. Miss Lillian Hunsicker presented the collection plates in honor of her parents.
In 1946 Rev. Arthur L. Hardy was pastor, and in 1950 Rev. Arthur Braddan Cool, Rev. Paul A. Davis came in 1956 and Rev. John Campbell in 1967.
The Rev. Wm. A. Quayle who served here as minister in his first charge also at the close of his ministry came here to preach his last sermon. Rev. Quayle was a teacher of Latin and Greek at the Baker University at Baldwin, Kansas. He served as President, teacher and was also for awhile Bishop in this District.